South Lane is more than an homage to the history of this shoreline town. The Bistro aims to recreate original Guilford – placing before you a great meal at a table full of friends, neighbors, family. For an honest day’s work, or a happy day’s pleasures, you are deserving of a hearty meal. And that meal comes fresh to you from South Lane Bistro.


South Lane sources from local farms, shoreline seafood vendors and Guilford area businesses as much as possible. All vegetables and side dishes are local and organic when available. Several vegetables come fresh from Bishop's Orchards. Certain dessert ingredients are from Ashley's Ice Cream. South Lane organic tea is hand-blended in small batches by Guilford-based Wild Sage Apothecary. If you would like to purchase Wild Sage Apothecary teas for home, find them at the Wild Sage Etsy shop or down the street at Flutterby on the Guilford Green.



Guilford and the Connecticut shoreline communities are, in our humble opinion, the greatest areas on mother earth. All members of the South Lane Bistro team live here and believe in doing their part to make your dining experience – as well as the Guilford area community – the best it can be.


Seeing as South Lane Bistro is in the historic center of Guilford – an area on the National Register of Historic Places – careful attention was paid to using reclaimed wood and environmentally conscious materials. Much of the wood was sourced locally, including some from an old Vlassic pickle factory, where the vinegars used in the factory created unique colorings on the boards.